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Taking advantage of online audience.

Paystack, one of the leading fintech companies in Africa that powers online payment for its users recently integrated payment with Apple Pay. This allows its users to collect payment with Apple Pay from customers in countries where Apple Pay is supported.

While this is a great move to make receiving of payment even seamless, the irony is that a lot of businesses still transact with only cash. A lot still operate offline only even though they’ve heard there is money online.
They are not taking advantage of the online audience.

This is similar to the fact that there is money in tech but the Google searches on how to make money online in Nigeria keeps increasing over time.
One major thing we see is that people like the result but want to skip the process. They want to be tech bros and sis but are not ready to properly acquire the knowledge. Thereby missing out on opportunities.

If we could all skip the process, the majority of people will be flowing in money but that will affect the quality of products that tech companies will produce.
Regardless, we understand that tech can be hard and that is why we want to help simplify your learning and properly position you to start earning this tech money.

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